Chinese astrology - the Rabbit: What does it mean if I'm a Rabbit?

Which Chinese astrology sign is yours? Keep reading to discover the characteristics of those born in the Chinese year of the Rabbit. Plus, you'll see how each Chinese element (Water, Metal, Wood, Fire and Earth) adds more detail to your Chinese horoscope reading. And that's not all — you'll also find celebrities who share this Chinese birth sign.

People with the Chinese astrology sign “Rabbit” are gentle, mild mannered and cultivated. Like their namesake, they are peace-loving, kind-hearted people who prefer not to quarrel.

Rabbits are sensitive to emotions. They are compassionate and considerate with themselves and those around them.

Maybe all those wonderful traits are what makes the benevolent Rabbits so popular.

Rabbits love and appreciate beauty. Whether its a magnificent sunset or their attractive lover, they know how to bask and enjoy life.

Rabbits like harmony, peace and quiet.

Lucky colors for Rabbits: Pink, Red

Lucky directions for Rabbits: East, Southeast

Lucky numbers for the Rabbit: 1, 4, 6, and 9.

Saturday is the lucky day of the week for Rabbits.

How the Five Elements Influence this Chinese Astrology Sign

Want more details? Well, depending on which year you were born in, there are 5 different subcategories of Rabbit:

  • Earth Rabbit

    1939, 1999, 2059

    Chinese horoscope Rabbit symbol

    Earth Rabbits have a frank, open, and direct temperament.

    Earth Rabbits like thinking, measuring and judging. They are ambitious types who are cut out for going into business on their own. When they listen to others, they increase their potential for success.

    Many Earth Rabbits like to travel away from their hometown to work abroad.

    Earth Rabbits are gifted with a strong desire. Whether its finances, love or success, they push themselves to greater heights.

    Female Earth Rabbits are moderate, sweet and affable. Earth Rabbit women easily gain trust and respect from others.

    Men are very tempted by Earth Rabbit women. Why? Because of all the Chinese astrology signs, the Earth Rabbit women are the most feminine.

    Earth Rabbit celebrities: Karley Collins, Bailee Madison, Conner Rayburn, Mavis Staples, Louise Lasser, Tatum McCann, Brenda Vacarro, Francis Ford Coppola, Jean Houston, Lee Majors, Harvey Keitel, Paul Hogan, John Cleese, Tina Turner, Wes Craven, Terence Stamp, Richard Kiel, Ralph Lauren, Nancy Kwan, Marvin Gaye, Lily Tomlin, Frankie Avalon, Fred Willard, Joel Schumacher.

  • Fire Rabbit


    Fire Rabbits are open minded, flexible, and liberal. They love travel, exploration and new experiences.

    Their natural ability to turn the other cheek helps them move forward in life.

    And how they love to move forward! Fire Rabbits have a big desire for power. They love to be number one and they have the smarts and high ideals to do it.

    They are very serious when it comes to their career. They are hard working and have an aptitude for business. They can enjoy more success if they consult with others.

    When they have a strong purpose, it's easy to think clearly, focus and keep their head straight.

    Love advice for the Fire Rabbit: When Fire Rabbits are in a bad mood, they sometimes blow off steam at their lover, who suffers. Take a vacation instead.

    Fire Rabbit celebrities: Yuya Tegoshi, Océane Zhu Guang-Xuan, Josie Loren, Danielle Panabaker, Kaci Lyn Battaglia, Chao-Li Chi, Katie Leung, Jennylyn Mercado, Aaron Carter, Harvey Korman, Hayato Ichihara, Sidney Poitier, Erma Bombeck, Anne Suzuki, Crystal Liu, Harry Belafonte, Janet Leigh, Faye Hamlin, Lian Paz, Roger Moore, Han Hyo Joo, Zaraah Abrahams, Jake Cuenca, Masami Nagasawa, George C. Scott, Patti Page, John James Uy, Lil Bow Wow, Jesse McCartney, Miki Ando, Rollo Weeks, Nobunari Oda, Blake Lively, Hilary Duff, Samantha Futerman, Josh Farro, Ryza Cenon, Zac Efron.

  • Metal Rabbit


    Metal Rabbits are intelligent, clever and smart. Sometimes a bit too clever, they can even be tricky or wascally.

    On the plus side, Metal Rabbits are a treasure trove of brilliant ideas. It's easy for them to see a variety of ways around any obstacle.

    Metal Rabbits have financial fortune on their side for life, especially if they avoid gambling and credit.

    Metal Rabbit celebrities: Zhang Yimou, Max Ernst, Cole Porter, Henry Miller, Beverly D'Angelo, Kurt Russell, Luther Vandross, Dale Earnhardt, Geoffrey Rush, Anjelica Huston, Cheryl Ladd, Robin Williams, Mark Harmon, Lynda Carter, Michael Keaton, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Mark Hamill, Romina Power, Sting, Pedro Almodóvar, Lou Ferrigno, Michael Keaton, Edie McClurg, John Mellencamp, Steven Seagal, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Danza, Yvonne Elliman.

  • Water Rabbit

    1903, 1963, 2023

    Water Rabbits like to go with the flow. Their flexibility helps them come out on top.

    On the Chinese Yin-Yang, Water Rabbits are Yin. They are passive and receptive.

    Water Rabbits love the comfort of a feathered nest. They love the pursuit of pleasure. It's easy for the Water Rabbit to fall in love.

    Water Rabbits are only willing to depend on those they trust.

    Water Rabbit celebrities: Russell Wong, Ming-Na, Michael Jordan, William Baldwin, Edgar Bergen, Rick Rubin, Bob Hope, Tatum O`Neal, Vanessa Williams, Roch Voisine, Quentin Tarantino, Julian Lennon, Joan Crawford, Conan O'Brien, Jet Li, Mike Myers, Johnny Depp, George Orwell, George Michael, Helen Hunt, Phoebe Cates, Lisa Kudrow, Xuxa Meneghel, Isaiah Washington, Whitney Houston, Hiro Kanagawa, Tori Amos, Lia Chang, Elisabeth Shue, Anita Mui, Dermot Mulroney, Brad Pitt.

  • Wood Rabbit

    1915, 1975, 2035

    Wood Rabbits are conservative in nature.

    Their lives are filled with very good relationships and friends.

    They don't like competition. Instead, they prefer to make every contact into a happy experience.

    When it comes to their careers, Wood Rabbits are very dedicated and enjoy working. They like to work quietly.

    When they find something they really like doing, they stick with it until they succeed.

    Wood Rabbits are blessed with an abundant imagination. They don't like the ordinary — they love the unique.

    Their natural financial talents make Wood Rabbits very good at earning and saving money.

    Wood Rabbit celebrities: Christina Hendricks, Aiko Melendez, Billie Holiday, Orson Welles, Samantha Quan, Ingrid Bergman, Arthur Miller, 50 Cent, Frank Sinatra, Samantha Bloom, Drew Barrymore, Ai Sugiyama, Gotham Chopra, Rico Yan, Fergie, Prince Floris of Orange-Nassau, David Beckham, Terry Chen, Enrique Iglesias, Terence Yin, Angelina Jolie, Carmina Villaroel, Nicole Bilderback, Tobey Maguire, Karl Yune, Charlize Theron, Kelly Lin, Lil' Kim, Michael Bublé, Aya Kawai, Kate Winslet, Tara Reid, Vivian Hsu, Milla Jovovich, Tiger Woods, Jun Song, Joy Bisco.

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