Chinese birth signs - the Monkey: What does it mean if I'm a Monkey?

What is your Chinese birth sign? Keep reading to discover the characteristics of those born in the Chinese year of the Monkey. Plus, you'll see how each Chinese element (Water, Metal, Wood, Fire and Earth) adds more detail to your Chinese horoscope reading. And that's not all — you can also find some celebrities born in the Chinese Monkey year.

Of all the Chinese birth signs, the Monkeys are the most lively and active. And they're clever, too — when they make a move it's a smart one. Sometimes their schemes involve a bit of monkey business. Monkeys are most known for being sharp, innovative and talented.

Not only are they prone to take action - they react very, very fast...on the fly. Rather than plan everything out in advance, Monkeys prefer to play it by ear.

Combine that quality with the Monkey's sense of fun and extroverted tendency, and you have a natural quick-witted performer.

Monkeys are considerate of those around them. In fact, they even have a bit of a competitive streak and love to engage others in sports, games and bets.

People with this Chinese birth sign also share a strong sense of obligation.

They do like the latest gizmos and gadgets. And they don't like when others try to boss them around or control them.

Monkeys love to be in the spotlight. They are naturally expressive and excel careers in the performing arts. Their extroverted personality also helps them shine in sales.

And to top it all off, they are popular and fun to be with...more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Lucky colors for the Monkey: Gold, White

Lucky directions for the Monkey: North, Northwest

Lucky numbers for the Monkey: 2, 4, 6, and 7.

Sunday is the lucky day of the week for Monkeys.

How the Five Elements influence the Chinese Birth sign of the Monkey

Want more details? Well, depending on which year you were born in, there are 5 different subcategories of Monkey:

  • Earth Monkey


    Earth Monkeys are cheerful and optimistic. They can see the silver lining in every dark cloud that comes their way. So obstacles and difficulties don't stop them from accomplishing even a large goal.

    They are noted for their courage, loyalty and honest, open communication with others. They love to be independent rather than ask friends or family for help. Should the need arise though, Earth Monkeys are blessed with plenty of helpful friends.

    At middle-age their life gets even better. A much more comfortable environment awaits them.

    Earth Monkey celebrities: Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Hu, Margaret Cho, Lucy Liu, Brendan Fraser, Howard Stern, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, Will Smith, Gillian Anderson, Robert Rodriguez, Céline Dion, Tony Hawk, Molly Ringwald, Kelly Hu, Bette Davis, Jimmy Stewart, Estée Lauder, Lyndon Johnson, Ian Fleming.

  • Fire Monkey

    1956, 2016

    Chinese horoscope monkey symbol

    Fire Monkeys are ambitious — always wanting more! They love to shoot for the moon, no matter how lofty their dreams are. And they are in a perfect position to easily get cooperation from others. Why? Because they are the most popular of all the Monkeys.

    Combine that with the Fire Monkey's head for business (real business...not monkey business!) and they have what it takes to make their dreams come true.

    Fire Monkeys can have an in-your-face attitude. They love to embrace adventure.

    When it comes to money, people with this Chinese birth sign are lucky. They can save up plenty of money.

    And Fire Monkeys are blessed with a happy family life. The Fire Monkey's spouse can be a pillar of support.

    Fire Monkey celebrities: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Andy Garcia, Kelly Curtis, Tom Hanks, Chris Isaak, David Copperfield, Carrie Fisher, Bo Derek, Björn Borg, Randy Jackson, Sela Ward.

  • Metal Monkey


    Metal Monkeys are more responsible, devoted and dedicated than most — Monkeys with this element aren't as interested in monkeying around.

    They have great timing and a clear concept of time.

    Most Metal Monkeys are workaholics. Sometimes they work all night long, or forget to eat because they are so absorbed in their latest project.

    They are most successful when they are supported by a network of friends. Encouragement from good friends boosts the Metal Monkey's confidence.

    Metal Monkeys are blessed when it comes to wealth. They have the potential for lots of money. And often they keep busy making money. They love to move around, travel and switch jobs often to earn money.

    As active and lively as they are, one thing about the Metal Monkey remains steady: their level of enthusiasm. Metal Monkeys are very compassionate souls.

    Metal Monkey celebrities: Channing Tatum, Gisele Bündchen, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Jake Gyllenhaal, Pope John Paul II, Yul Brynner, Shelley Winters, Peggy Lee, Walter Matthau, Mickey Rooney, Chelsea Clinton, Chien-Ming Wang, Brian McFadden, Lucy Lee, Jason Schwartzman, Venus Williams, Jessica Simpson, Kaylani Lei, Kristen Bell, Macaulay Culkin, Isaac Hanson, Vanessa Minnillo, Christina Aguilera.

  • Water Monkey

    1932, 1992

    Water Monkeys are confident, clever and have a natural gift of eloquence. Their communication skills are very strong. Like the monkey on your back that won't go away, Water Monkeys won't take no for an answer and love to hold their ground.

    They would rather tease people than be teased. Sometimes they are too flirtatious for their own good.

    They are very competent at their chosen work. And they love to do it their way. In fact, Water Monkeys can be so independent, that their family and friends couldn't help no matter how they tried.

    Rather than holding out for a future payoff, Water Monkeys like instant gratification.

    Water Monkeys can have a better chance at a successful marriage if they wait until later in life.

    Water Monkey celebrities: Alden Richards, Johnny Cash, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, Neile Adams, Peter O'Toole, Meaghan Jette Martin, Jazmin Grace Rotolo, Emily Osment, Matt Savage, Selena Gomez, Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus.

  • Wood Monkey

    1944, 2004

    Wood Monkeys are brilliant, clever and witty. They love to be in the limelight — letting their natural exuberance shine.

    They are hard working people who make great leaders. When their boss or clients give them space, then they will exceed everyone's expectations.

    They are blessed with wealth and fortune and may experience a surprise financial windfall.

    They are also blessed when it comes to the opposite sex. Its easy for the Wood Monkey to get help from friends of the opposite sex.

    After marriage, their relationship is very harmonious.

    Wood Monkey celebrities: Jerry Springer, Diana Ross, George Lucas, Rudolph Giuliani, Michelle Phillips, Jacqueline Bisset, Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito, Eleanor Roosevelt.

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