Chinese girl asks for my phone number

by Javier
(San Francisco, USA)

"Does she like me?"

A cute Chinese girl approached me at the retail store where I work as a cashier. She was very friendly with me and we talked to each other for a little bit. A couple of days later she comes back to buy some stuff and approaches to me again, we started talking again and then she asks for my phone number. She seemed to be nice, so I gave her my number and she gave me hers.

Then we started to call each other and then she added me on her Facebook. Then the week after, we started going out together. We already have gone out together more than 3 times in one month and I really have been enjoying going out with her. One time she even invited me to her apartment and cooked me some delicious Chinese food.

When we go out she always asks me about my family and everything about me. One day we even talked about our past relationships, like "how many girlfriends have we had, why did we break up with them", etc. Of course I also ask her things about her family and herself.

I really like her and I think she likes me too.

I would really like to ask her to be my girlfriend but I am not sure if she wants that. She is 3 years older than me, and she had a 4-year relationship with someone else back when she was living in China.

I know that in western culture when a girl asks for your phone number it is more likely that she likes you, but I feel confused about her since I know the culture in China is different.

Also, I remember that in one of our conversations she said she only likes Chinese guys.

So I am confused of why did she ask for my phone number and keeps going out with me even though she said she only likes Chinese guys.

What is the best thing to do?

Should I keep going out with her hoping that someday she will be my girlfriend?

Do you think she likes me?

Thank you for your time -

Victoria's Answer:

Hi Javier,
She DOES like you!

We can see that from:

  • the way she asked for your phone number first (at the very least she was interested in you)
  • going out with you (at least she took you as good friends and there were chances to go further)
  • her interest in your past relationships and family information
  • she invited you to her apartment and cooked Chinese food for you (which usually Chinese girls will only do for their boyfriend or family

She likes you - not just a bit, more than you imagine! Chinese happy face
As for the age difference, in the face of true love that is no longer a problem. Mr. Yang Zhenning got married with a 28-year-old woman when he was 82. Chinese happy face
As for why she said she only likes Chinese guys, I think probably since she asked for your phone number first, she didn't want you to think that she's pursuing you.

Even if she really only likes Chinese guys, as time goes by, things could have changed as she got to know you. By now, she must have changed her idea. We can see it from what she did. Especially because she invited you to her apartment and cooked food for you.
Next time when you go out together, you could try this. Ask for her advice about how to ask a girl you like to become your girlfriend, and pay attention to her reaction. Pay close attention to her facial expression.

If she seems disappointed or not happy, you could take the next step and ask her to be your girlfriend.

Best regards,


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by: Javier

It might be a little late but thank you so much Victoria for your reply! I just want to let you know that everything worked out pretty well and you really helped me to understand my situation better. Thank you so much =)

Mr. Nice Guy
by: Jolly

You are so immature still to learn the GAME. She wants to have sex with you. Its upto you now how you are going to handle this.But since you spend lots of time running around her, and if you keep doing this without making a move, 100% chances are you will drop into just friends category and she will be f*cking with someone else.

Trust me i am in China for the last 1 year and already banged 17 hotties. Its a good score i guess.

NOTE: Dont get emotional, just f*ck her. Give her what she want.

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