Chinese girl: Interested or No?

I've known this Chinese girl for a long time. We met quite a long time ago; she seemed completely sweet, like a good person to know. Eventually, one day, I asked her for contact information. We kept in touch throughout the summer.

Recently I've seen her in lots of activities, invited her to attend things (she did), and invited her to my place. We stayed up recently talking until very late at night; we talked about each other's families and views on love. She invited me to her place, with another friend who we both know, to eat her Chinese food.

During our encounter, I had my feet planted on a chair, and she just sat on top of them to my surprise. She seems comfortable with my arm near her back too. So... where should I go from here? And does she like me?

Should I just show up at her place or just invite her out?


Victoria's Answer:

She does like you, otherwise it is not possible for anything like “...I had my feet planted on a chair, and she just sat on top of them to my surprise. She seems comfortable with my arm near her back too...”

What's more, in Chinese culture, if a girl stays up late at night with a guy, she would be considered not well educated by her family. People would look down upon her.

But if the guy then becomes her boyfriend or husband, people won't think that way anymore.

Now go and invite her out alone, she will give you more surprises! Chinese happy face

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How to approach a beautiful chinese girl
by: Anonymous

Hi there. Im a african guy and im a really nice guy. I want to say that there are a lot of beautiful chinese girls where i live. I fallen in love with many chinese girls i see. Most of the time. They smile at me when they see me. But im really scared to make a move to talk to her. Plus i have austim. Any tips to approach chinese girls in a safe way?

by: Anonymous


Mhh... this was actually meant to become a separate question, but I didn't figure out how to open a new thread, so... I comment - the title seems quite fit to my...'situation'

I am currently studying in China, met a very nice girl, beautiful, intelligent and even more... just... perfect... Know her since 3-4 months now, met around once a week (she lives quite far away from my home + always busy...). Once invited her to my home, she refused, saying she was too shy (although she first kind of told me she once wanted to ask me to stay over..) Then she started to tell me very strange things (at least if she is as shy as she claims): that her mother always wants her to have a foreign boyfriend and live with him abroad, that her mother finds sex before marriage is ok, but she doesn't think so, that today is her period (why should I want to hear that?!) and at some point, she invited me to stay over Spring Festival with her family - I accepted, she somehow forgot,I asked again, she invited me again, I accepted - a mistake?
Then, one evening, I was just in the mood to give her a harmless goodbye kiss on the cheek in the almost empty metro station - I thought that after almost 4 months, we need to make some 'progress'... she giggled, saying 'thank you'. The same evening, she sent me a message, normal, friendly, as always. The next day, however, she carefully pointed out that she is a 'traditional Chinese girl' and does not 'like Western way of physical touching among friends'... So am I just a 'normal' friend? (or is she just not so sure about how to use these terms?) Did I offend her irreparably...? Going to meet her soon again... what should I do? :O

pretty Chinese girl
by: businessman on trip

I've met a Chinese girl while I was in China for 2 weeks...
She sent me many emails while I was there but was shy to go out with me.
I came back home after 2 weeks in China...
She was sending me emails after I came for the first week, she said she misses me very much, even said that next time when I come I can hug her.

I asked her to come to the airport when I arrive in a few months, but she said no.

Then I didn't receive any message from her for 2 weeks, and suddenly, today she replied that she thought I was busy and didn't wanted to bother me.
At the last email photo she looked unhappy a bit depressed.
I told her the truth while I was in China, I have a girlfriend in my country, but I am not completely happy...

So is she interested or not ?

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