Chinese horoscope sign - the Dragon: What does it mean if I'm a Dragon?

Which Chinese horoscope sign is yours? Keep reading to discover the characteristics of those born in the Chinese year of the Dragon. Plus, you'll see how each Chinese element (Water, Metal, Wood, Fire and Earth) adds more detail to your Chinese horoscope reading. And that's not all — you'll also find celebrities who share this Chinese birth sign.

The Chinese Dragon symbolizes a person of great power and influence.

People with this Chinese horoscope sign are looked up to. Others see them as dignified, prestigious and noble. Destined for greatness, this is a very prestigious horoscope sign to have.

It's easy for Dragons to have luck and success – and that's why so many Chinese parents would like their children to be born in the year of the Dragon.

Lucky colors for the Dragon: Gold, Silver

Lucky directions for the Dragon: West, Northwest

Lucky numbers for the Dragon: 2 and 7.

Sunday is the lucky day of the week for Dragons.

How the Five Elements Influence this Chinese Horoscope Sign

Want more details? Well, depending on which year you were born in, there are 5 different subcategories of Dragon:

  • Earth Dragon

    1928, 1988, 2048

    Chinese horoscope Dragon symbol

    Earth Dragons are more calm, quiet and introverted than the other Dragons.

    People with this Chinese horoscope sign are extremely talented. They love to serves others with their brilliant, natural gifts.

    Perhaps that's why Earth Dragons are so handy to have around. They also have a wide range of interests, hobbies and desires.

    What's most important to the Earth Dragon? Is it fame? Nope.

    Family? Yes! Earth Dragons treasure their close, strong connections with family members. Although they love travel and are willing to live and work away from home, they stay in touch with those they love.

    Earth Dragons love the freedom that comes with financial success.

    Earth Dragon celebrities: Emma Stone, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rihanna, Fats Domino, Andrea Chen, Mr. Rogers, Gordie Howe, Maya Angelou, Aaron Spelling, Haley Joel Osment, Maurice Sendak, Marky Cielo, Shirley Temple, Eri Kamei, Stanley Kubrick, Erika Toda, Andy Warhol, James Coburn, Meisa Kuroki, Jimmy Dean, Kevin McHale, George Peppard, Brenda Song, James Garner.

  • Fire Dragon

    1916, 1976, 2036

    Fire Dragons have a hot, burning passion for life. Their hearts are filled with love. And to balance it all out, there are also very intelligent.

    People with this Chinese horoscope sign have an powerful, almost aggressive strength. When there is hard work to be done, they tap into this strength and achieve great results.

    When times are tough, the Fire Dragons turn up their positive attitude. They'll keep on striving for what they believe in, and then have very good success.

    Fire Dragons are at their best when they go “all out”. If they just do it halfway, they may end up with nothing.

    Fire Dragons make for great shoppers. They love making smart purchases, they like acquiring new things and they enjoy the people they deal with.

    Fire Dragon celebrities: Shakira, Nikola Tesla, Kerry Washington, Tina Barrett, Zhao Wei, Jackie Gleason, Orlando Bloom, Gregory Peck, Annie Man, Roald Dahl, Daws Butler, Walter Cronkite, Kirk Douglas, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Fred Savage, Betty Grable, Reese Witherspoon, Colin Farrell, Zhou Xun, Barbie Hsu, Amy Smart, Chen Chang, Alicia Silverstone, Chen Lu, Taylor Hicks, Gail Kim, Shu Qi, 50 cent, Lee-Hom Wang, Kevin Garnett, Li Bing, Lynn Chen.

  • Metal Dragon

    1880, 2000, 1940

    Metal Dragons are frank. Some might call them naïve, but they are pure of heart.

    Their high aspirations help them shoot for the moon.

    Your first impression might be that they are a “dragon lady”. But the Metal Dragons are really much better than their first impression.

    They often have creative, constructive ideas. People with this Chinese horoscope sign love to use their vivid imaginations.

    When Metal Dragons are “tuned in” and get a flash of inspiration, success will come to them easily. Especially if they act quickly on that inspired thought.

    Metal dragons enjoy the pursuit of pleasure. They aren't afraid of hard work...and when they are practical, they make steady progress towards realizing their lofty aspirations.

    They love the feeling of luxury and will have smooth sailing in their finances.

    In love, Metal Dragons are very passionate. It's easy to fall in love with a Metal Dragon.

    Metal Dragon celebrities: James Caan, Smokey Robinson, Mariette Hartley, Mario Andretti, Bernardo Bertolucci, Herbie Hancock, Howard Hesseman, Chuck Norris, Lee Majors, Al Pacino, Tom Jones, Patrick Stewart, Alex Trebek, Ringo Starr, Raquel Welch, John Lennon, Helen Keller, Martin Sheen, Neil Diamond, Faye Dunaway, Richard Pryor, Frank Zappa, Bruce Lee.

  • Water Dragon

    1892, 1952, 2012

    Water Dragons make great leaders. Why? Because they are both powerful and conscientious when they use their power.

    Water Dragons mean business. They enjoy planning ahead and have a grand vision of their future. And when it comes to making their vision a reality, they have great perseverance and remain fixed on their purpose.

    Water Dragons have high stamina when it comes to their work and career. They look after their own interests first. They have lots of successful friends and are blessed with a natural friendliness.

    When it comes to money, Water Dragons pay attention to details. Their finances could be even better if they look at the big picture instead of getting caught up in small details. They are lucky at making money.

    Those blessed with this Chinese horoscope sign will experience more and more success year after year.

    Water Dragon celebrities: Douglas Adams, Mary Pickford, James Lew, Pearl S. Buck, Delroy Lindo, Mae West, J. Paul Getty, Bob Costas, Steven Seagal, Grace Jones, Mr. T, Liam Neeson, Isabella Rossellini, Phil Hendrie, John Goodman, Kristoffer Tabori, Dan Aykroyd, Harvey Weinstein, Marianne Williamson, Roberto Benigni, John Tesh, David Hasselhoff, Phoebe Snow, Jonathan Frakes, Robin Williams, Patrick Swayze, Phoebe Snow, Paul "Pee-wee Herman" Reubens, Tirso Cruz III, Jimmy Connors, Ching-Ying Lam, Christopher Reeve, Parker Stevenson, Harry Anderson, Melanie Mayron, Jeff Goldblum, Roseanne, George Thorogood, Pat Benatar, Lucinda Williams, Teresa Teng.

  • Wood Dragon

    1904, 1964, 2024

    Wood Dragons are very lucky in love. It's as if their ideal partners are magnetically drawn to them. Women with this Chinese horoscope sign are said to be delicate and pretty.

    Their adaptable and flexible nature makes it easy for them to get along with others. Best of all, the Wood Dragons love to be honest, open and transparent in their dealings with others.

    Wood Dragons expect others to treat them fairly and openly in return. Sometimes the Wood Dragon would be better to listen carefully to their intuition before openly trusting others.

    Of all the Dragons, the Wood Dragon enjoys the most popularity. It's no wonder the Wood Dragons make for a highly desirable business or romantic partner.

    Wood Dragon celebrities: Jimmy Dorsey, Dr. Seuss, Salvador Dali, Count Basie, Juliette Binoche, Deng Xiaoping, Sterling Holloway, Chris Farley, Lily Mariye, Prince Edward, Maggie Cheung, Michael Papajohn, Annabella Sciorra, Elle Macpherson, Russell Crowe, Glenn Miller, Lenny Kravitz, Joan Crawford, Wynonna Judd, Courtney Cox, José Canseco, Barry Bonds, Laura Harring, Sandra Bullock, Courtney Love, Keanu Reeves, Janeane Garofalo, Rosie Perez, Carina Lau.

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