Chinese year of the Sheep: What does it mean if I'm born with this Chinese zodiac sign?

The Chinese Year of the Sheep is one of the most fortunate according to the Chinese horoscope. Here are the best qualities about having the Sheep Chinese zodiac sign...

If you were born in the Chinese year of the Sheep, you are blessed with one of the luckiest Chinese birth signs. In China, Sheep are a symbol of love and happiness. So this Chinese zodiac sign is believed to be very fortunate indeed.

People with this sign are easygoing and submissive. Yet they maintain an air of elegance. Like their namesake, they are kind, soft and gentle as a lamb.

When the going gets tough, their positive energy, enthusiasm and extraordinary endurance help them pull through. They don't give up, instead they persist through thick and thin.

And that's what separates the Sheep from the goats.

Lucky colors for Sheep: Green, Red

Lucky directions for Sheep: East, Southeast

Lucky numbers for Sheep: 0, 2, 3, 7 and 8.

Tuesday is the lucky day of the week for Sheep.

How the Five Elements Influence Those Born in the Chinese Year of the Sheep

Want more details? Depending on which Chinese year of the Sheep you were born in, there are 5 different subcategories:

  • Earth Sheep

    1919, 1979, 2039

    Chinese Sheep symbol

    Earth Sheep are of upright character with a sense of obligation. They love to help their friends and don't care about gains or losses. In return, Earth Sheep can easily find a helpful friend whenever they need a hand or extra money. They get along very well with their friends.

    Sometimes Earth Sheep can be deeply rooted in their beliefs. Fortunately they still accept the viewpoints of their friends even when they hold a dyed-in-the-wool attitude.

    Middle-aged Earth Sheep enjoy a secure and comfortable life. Their career is relatively smooth and lucky.

    Earth Sheep celebrities: Red Buttons, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Daniel Henney, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Jack Palance, Jennifer Jones, Rie Mashiko, Nat "King" Cole, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Howard Keel, Merce Cunningham, Celeste Holm, Pete Seeger, Heloise Bowles Cruse, Eva Peron, Rhoda Montemayor, Liberace, Margot Fonteyn, Lianne Lin, George Gobel, Jay Silverheels, Robert Merrill, Muzaffer Tema, Gene De Paul, Ryoko Kuninaka, Louis Jourdan, Pauline Kael, Jian Tong, Qing Pang, Slim Pickens, Susan Hayward, Hyori Lee, Sir Edmund Hillary, Elizabeth Thai, Curt Gowdy, Dino De Laurentiis, George Shearing, Huntz Hall, Malcolm Forbes, Donald Pleasence, Misao Aikawa, Art Blakey, Jeannie Mai, Anita O'Day, Martin Balsam, Veronica Lake, Leonardo Nam, Judge Joseph Wapner, Shirley Jackson, Keshia Pulliam, Isaac Asimov, Sun Myung Moon, Megumi Okina, Federico Fellini, DeForest Kelley, Andrew Keegan, Josh Keaton, Mena Suvari, Ziyi Zhang, Brandy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Benji and Joel Madden, Adam Levine, Norah Jones, Ara Mina, Heath Ledger, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Claire Danes, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Daniel Johns, Jo O'Meara, Lance Bass, Nakama Yukie, Pierre Bouvier, Jesse Bradford, Shane Filan, Chad Brannon, Pink, Ariana Richards, Erik-Michael Estrada, Bobo Chan, Rachael Leigh Cook, Shawn Ashmore, Brandon Routh, Mya, Stacy Keibler, Usher, Ben Gillies, Yuanyuan Gao, Chris Joannou, Trevor Penick, Scott Robinson, Rider Strong, Michael Owen, Adam Brody, Aaron Yoo, Ryan Key, Kristanna Loken, Albert Pujols, Jenson Button, Yuri Ebihara, Nick Carter, Matt Lawrence, Christina Ricci, Tang Wei.

  • Fire Sheep

    1907, 1967, 2027

    Fire Sheep are confident, get along well with others and are very popular.

    Fire Sheep don't like to mess around. They have a strong sense of responsibility and sometimes put their friend's needs above their own.

    Their lives get smoother and easier as time goes on.

    Both women and men born in this Chinese year of the Sheep can have a perfect family.

    In business, Fire Sheep are enterprising people who can build strong business operations. Part of their success comes from their natural gift to build cooperation between supervisors and co-workers.

    Fire Sheep are successful in the technology industry or any type of research work. They also have a high artistic talent in painting. Not only that, they can also achieve mastery in music and other crafts — especially if they start at an early age.

    Fire Sheep enjoy the most success when they are careful and vigilant with their money.

    Fire Sheep celebrities: James Michener, Cesar Romero, Collin Chou, Sheldon Leonard, Deborah Lin, Robert Young, Kristen Pfaff, Earl Scheib, Katharine Hepburn, Naoko Takeuchi, Sir Laurence Olivier, John Wayne, Noriko Aota, Rosalind Russell, Frida Kahlo, Robert Heinlein, Barbara Stanwyck, Fay Wray, Gene Autry, Cab Calloway, George Dolenz, Paul Henreid, Ethel Merman, Kurt Cobain, Andrew Shue, Liz Phair, Maria Bello, Kane, Alexandra Chun, Tim McGraw, Glen Rice, Noel Gallagher, Max Casella, Vivian Chow, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson, Will Ferrell, Vin Diesel, Matt LeBlanc, Deion Sanders, Layne Staley, Andy Wachowski, Harry Connick, Jr., Frances O`Connor, Jim Abbott, Faith Hill, Mira Sorvino, Guy Pearce, Mike Malinin, Artie Lange, Dann Gillen, Ekin Cheng, Scott Weiland, Julia Roberts, Lisa Bonet, Amy Kwok, Salli Richardson, Anna Nicole Smith, Gary Allan, Tino Martinez, Jamie Foxx, Cuba Gooding, Jr., LL Cool J, Jenny Shimizu, Mary Lou Retton, Sarah McLachlan.

  • Metal Sheep

    1871, 1931, 1991, 2051

    Metal Sheep are upright, elegant and selfless. They pride themselves on being impartial and straightforward in their dealings.

    It's easy to befriend a Metal Sheep. They are well loved by their friends and make it easy for others to enjoy their company.

    Because of their popularity and success, Metal Sheep have plenty of investment opportunities. They succeed most when they carefully perform “due diligence.” Don't be afraid to say no and walk away from a questionable opportunity.

    Best of all, Metal Sheep will enjoy a smooth, comfortable life. When they discover purpose in their work, they will easily see the hidden opportunity in any difficulty.

    Men (Rams) born in the Chinese year of the Sheep (Metal element) are liked by lots of women. They are very lucky in love.

    Women (Ewes) born in the Chinese year of the Sheep (Metal element) are more discerning in their search for love. When they “fall in love with themselves” they become more attractive to their relationship partner.

    Tender-hearted Ewes are good wives and mothers. Plus they are very lucky. Their elegant appearance, noble sentiments and loving hearts endear them to plenty of friends.

    Metal Sheep celebrities: Orville Wright, Atsuko Maeda, Toni Morrison, Mikhail Gorbachev, Rupert Murdoch, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Willie Mays, Robert Morse, Carroll Baker, Madylin Sweeten, Hikaru Yamamoto, Marla Gibbs, Sahara Garey, Martin Landau, Leslie Caron, Sophie Tamiko Oda, Della Reese, Jeriko Alumbres Manio, Tab Hunter, Jerry Van Dyke, Evanna Lynch, William Goldman, Willie Shoemaker, Anne Bancroft, Sara Hicks, Larry Hagman, Barbara Walters, Minami Takahashi, Angie Dickinson, Emily Roeske, Miori Takimoto, John Le Carre, Mickey Mantle, Max Ehrich, Dan Rather, Ike Turner, Rita Moreno, Dabney Coleman, Piper Laurie.

  • Water Sheep

    1883, 1943, 2003, 2063

    Water sheep are compassionate souls who kindly treat people with care. It's just part of their good nature to help their friends.

    If you believe in karma, Water Sheep have plenty of it - the good stuff that is.

    Meek as a lamb, Water sheep tend to be introverted, honest and really good people to get along with.

    They achieve tremendous results because of their naturally strong ability to work through difficulties and find good solutions.

    Those natural talents make it easy for Sheep to get promotions and win the favor of their clients or boss.

    Water Sheep are well suited for conducting business in overseas markets. When investing, Water Sheep should stick to safe, low risk investments.

    Sometimes they should pay attention to rest, to keep their vitality strong.

    Stable family life, should all travel together and relax

    Romantically, Water Sheep bring out the best in their relationship partner. They enjoy a stable family life, especially when their family travels and relaxes together.

    Water Sheep celebrities: Jimmy Page, Barry Manilow, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Rube Goldberg, Joe Pesci, David Geffen, George Harrison, Lynn Redgrave, Bobby Fischer, George Benson, Christopher Walken, Toni Tennille, Judith Jamison, Gary Burghoff, Leslie Uggams, Herve Villechaize, Sharon Gless, Malcolm McDowell, Edie Sedgwick, Joan Van Ark, Sab Shimono, David Cronenberg, Newt Gingrich, Geraldo Rivera, Christine McVie, Bobby Sherman, Max Wright, Mick Jagger, Eric Idle, Robert De Niro, Valerie Perrine, George Harrison, Roger Waters, Mickey Hart, Julio Iglesias, Chevy Chase, Janet Margolin, R.L. Stine, Catherine Deneuve, Sly Stone, Sam Shepard, Joni Mitchell, Soon-Tek Oh, Wallace Shawn, Lauren Hutton, Veronica Hamel, Billie Jean King, Randy Newman, Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, Harry Shearer, John Denver, Ben Kingsley, Bonnie Franklin, Jimmy Page.

  • Wood Sheep

    1895, 1955, 2015

    Wood Sheep are strong hearted, ambitious and responsible. You might expect them to be cold, hardened souls, but they remain soft and warm on the outside.

    When they work, they like to plan out everything step by step. They don't enjoy working too agressively.

    Wood Sheep are fortunate with money. They will encounter a few financial ups and invest wisely during the highs to ride out the lows.

    Wood Sheep celebrities: Ann M. Martin, Shemp Howard, Rudolph Valentino, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Jack Dempsey, R. Buckminster Fuller, Oscar Hammerstein II, Gracie Allen, Bert Lahr, Masaharu Morimoto, Bud Abbott, Kirron Kher, Buster Keaton, Juan Peron, Busby Berkeley, Eddie Van Halen, Charles Shaughnessy, James Saito, Whoopi Goldberg, Greg Norman, Simon Yam, Jim J. Bullock, Arsenio Hall, Jeff Daniels, Priscilla Barnes, Margaux Hemingway, Kelsey Grammer, Howard Jones, Corey Burton, Steven Jobs, Alain Prost, Penn Jillette, Gilbert Gottfried, Gary Sinise, Bruce Willis, Gale Hurd, Lena Olin, Reba McEntire, Ellen Barkin, Kate Mulgrew, Bill Nye, Tom Bergeron, Olga Korbut, Debra Winger, Bill Paxton, Chow Yun-Fat, Rosanne Cash, Steven Wright, Connie Sellecca, Dana Carvey, Sandra Bernhard, Tim Berners-Lee, Jimmy Smits, Willem Dafoe, Marina Shimanskaya, Billy Bob Thornton, Peter Gallagher, Robin Yount, Lorraine Bracco, Yo-Yo Ma, Cassandra Wilson, David Lee Roth, Bill Gates, Maria Shriver, Howie Mandel, Billy Idol, Steven Wright, Jane Kaczmarek, Mel Gibson, David Caruso, Anthony Glise, Bill Maher, Robby Benson, Geena Davis.

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