Chinese year of the Tiger: What does it mean if I'm a Tiger?

The Chinese Year of the Tiger is said to be powerful and dangerous, just like its namesake. Here are the best qualities about having the Tiger Chinese zodiac sign...

Tiger personalities are strong leaders. They love to guide others and have a fierce desire to be #1.

In any situation, Tigers are the first to leap into action. They are very courageous, brave-hearted and their wild spirits are not easily domesticated.

People born in the Chinese year of the Tiger have striking personalities. Their rebellious, strong willed nature can get them into trouble, and it can also be the fuel for great achievements.

Best of all, those born in the Chinese year of the Tiger have powerful enthusiasm and vibrancy.

Lucky colors for the Tiger: Blue, Grey

Lucky directions for the Tiger: South, East

Lucky numbers for the Tiger: 1, 5, 6, and 9.

Friday is the lucky day of the week for Tigers.

How the Five Elements Influence Those Born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger

Want more details? Depending on which year you were born in, there are 5 different subcategories of Tiger:

  • Earth Tiger

    1938, 1998, 2058

    Chinese tiger temple

    Earth Tigers are tough customers to please. It seems like they can never get enough and they are always asking others for more.

    Fortunately, Earth Tigers are blessed with good luck. Whenever they need something, the right person magically shows up at just the perfect moment to help them. And in return, Earth Tigers are so generous. They just love to help others.

    Their self confidence fills them with ambition. Often they are the pioneers of their field — and they love it! Earth Tigers are naturals for starting up new companies. They are smarter than the average Tiger.

    Earth Tigers are good at understanding the metaphysical. A few words of advice to you Earth Tigers out there: “Be more considerate to your romantic partner —otherwise they may stray outside your relationship to find the attention they need.”

    Earth Tiger celebrities: Ted Turner, Christopher Lloyd, Jon Voight, Natalie Wood, Peter Jennings, Rich Little, Bolo Yeung, Zachary Gordon.

  • Fire Tiger

    1926, 1986, 2046

    Fire Tigers are hot! They have a ferocious sexual appetite which is so strong that it sometimes interferes with other aspects of their life. Good news for their romantic partners though — Fire Tigers are easy to seduce...just use a little flattery and you'll have them in the palm of your hand.

    Fire Tigers make grrrreat husbands and fathers. Maybe it's because of their very strong will, and more importantly their big, lion-sized heart.

    Fire Tigers are true to their word. They are credible, conscientious and pay meticulous attention to the tiniest of details.

    They are talented, clever, fast learners. Not to mention very quick-witted. And to top it all off, Fire Tigers are lucky with money.

    Fire Tiger celebrities: Rajon Rondo, Megan Fox, Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Hefner, Lindsay Lohan, Andy Griffiths, Don Rickles, Miles Davis, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Peyton List, Keiko Kitagawa, Jake McDorman.

  • Metal Tiger

    1950, 2010

    With Metal Tigers - it's all about me! Metal tigers tend to be self conscious, self centered and sometimes have trouble seeing another person's point of view. They love to upstage others and can be unwilling to rely on others. Sometimes they act to quickly without thinking about others and do something they regret later.

    In spite of that, they are known to be compassionate and sympathetic.

    Metal Tigers are intelligent. They learn new things quickly and keep on top of the latest developments. It's easy for them to excel in school — especially when it comes to the classes they love most! Even better, Metal Tigers make amazing exchange students.

    Metal Tigers love to think for themselves and hate following orders ...which makes it tough for their parents. Metal tigers should listen to their parents more and show them understanding sometimes.

    Metal Tigers are not lucky at gambling — but they can achieve great financial success when they use their money to buy gold, real estate, and low-risk investments.

    Metal Tiger celebrities: Richard Branson, Rick Dees, Stevie Wonder, William Macy, Bill Murray, Cybill Shepherd, Christina Onassis, Dr. Phil, Huey Lewis, Jay Leno, Jayne Mansfield, John Candy, Martin Short, May Pang, Natalie Cole.

  • Water Tiger

    1962, 1902, 2022

    Like a leopard who can't change his spots, Water Tigers are set in their ways and can be stubborn. They like to be in charge and they love to exercise power and control.

    Family is very important to the Water Tiger. They love to care for other family members and enjoy a harmonious family life.

    Water Tigers are easy people to talk to. They are very likeable and friendly. They enjoy quiet, peaceful, serene moments.

    And the best part about being a Water Tiger? They are lucky in love. They have a knack for finding a lover who lavishes them with attention, consideration and thoughtful gestures.

    Water Tiger celebrities: Stephen Chow, M.C. Hammer, Matthew Broderick, Michelle Yeoh, Paula Abdul, Rosamund Kwan, Rosie O`Donnell, Tony Leung, Tom Cruise, Wesley Snipes, B. D. Wong, Ansel Adams, Demi Moore, Jann Arden, Jodie Foster, Jon Bon Jovi.

  • Wood Tiger

    1914, 1974, 2034

    Self respect is a good thing, and Wood tigers have too much of a good thing sometimes. They are highly talented people, but sometimes this makes them too proud and it can be hard for them to connect or listen to others. Their life has some tough times because of this.

    Fortunately, Wood Tigers are forward thinking and they love being on top of the latest new gadgets and novelties. They are great at studying.

    Romantically, their relationship can get heated at times. The Wood Tiger would be best to yield to their partner — not all the time, just a little more often.

    The icing on the cake? Wood Tigers are lucky with money and they could receive a big windfall.

    Wood Tiger celebrities: Eva Mendes, Alec Guinness, Lilli Palmer, Alanis Morissette, Seth Green, Victoria Adams-Beckham, Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Daniel Wu, Grace Park, Jewel, Kate Moss, Leonardo di Caprio, Michelle Krusiec.

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