Hua Xia Chinese School of Houston, Houston, TX, 77036 USA

The goals of Hua Xia Chinese School Inc. are to promote Chinese language, culture, and art, to enhance the understanding between Chinese and other ethnic groups. They provide an excellent learning environment where children of all ethnic backgrounds and interested adults can study Chinese language, culture, and art.

Their courses are also designed to meet the growing needs of economic globalization and cultural exchanges between USA and China.

Hua Xia Chinese School of Houston has campuses in Houston, Sugar Land, Pearland and Katy.

Hua Xia Chinese School offers Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) classes to non-Chinese speaking children and adults. The classes are offered primarily on Saturdays, and a limited number of CSL classes are also available on Sundays at the Main Campus and Sugar Land Campus.

Hua Xia Chinese School of Houston is a non-profit organization registered with the Secretary of the State of Texas and granted by the US Federal Government with IRS501(C)(3) tax exemption status.

In addition to Chinese language class, the school also has a wealth of other programs. Such as Chinese brush painting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese dance, arts and crafts, martial arts, tai chi, table tennis, basketball, football, Chinese chess, music, chorus, and more.

Hua Xia Chinese School of Houston also has a Chinese library. This rich collection of resources is very suitable for young people to learn China's languages and cultures.

The primary focus of Hua Xia School of Houston is to ensure high quality teaching. Through open recruitment, merit-based hiring and daily training, they built a high level, stable teaching team. Their teachers have a wealth of professional knowledge and teaching experience.

Just as important as experience is enthusiasm, responsibility, love and dedication. Hua Xia Chinese School of Houston's teachers also have specific requirements in teaching and examination. They solicit feedback and comments from students and parents to help solve any teaching problems.

Their teachers to try a variety of ways to enhance student interest in learning.

Hua Xia Chinese School of Houston has an organizational management structure with regulatory agencies.

The school's organizational structure is divided into three entities: the school board, school staff and parents.
  • The school board appoints principals and approve budgets.
  • The school staff are primarily responsible for teaching and the continuous operation of the school.
  • Parents are responsible for support services to schools including communication between the school and parents (including organizing parent activities and supervision of the school's teaching quality).

For more detailed information on course schedule and tuition rates, you can visit their website at Hua Xia Chinese School of Houston.

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