The Chinese Language Institute, 133 Jor Bagh, Lodi Rd, New Delhi - 110003, India

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The Chinese Language Institute

The Chinese Language Institute

The Chinese Language Institute
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The Chinese Language Institute is dedicated to teaching of Chinese language and popularization of Chinese culture. The teaching arm of the institute is non-profit. The institute also provides corporate training and translation services. This Institute was honored to receive a delegation from the Chinese embassy in New Delhi and CCTV on 7 October 2005.

The Chinese Language Institute offers an intensive crash course in Chinese: Cracking Chinese (Basic I). This course also includes Business Chinese instruction. The course has been designed in such a way so as to ensure that a student who complete this module will have thorough knowledge of pronunciation, grammar, construction of sentences and everyday basic spoken Chinese. The pinyin method of teaching is employed.

The Cracking Chinese course consists of 40 teaching hours spread out over 8 weeks or weekends. Classes are taught by competent Indian and native Chinese teachers.

NEW BATCHES START EVERY MONTH. Enrollments are limited to a maximum of 10 students per batch. We also offer customized on-site training.

The Chinese Language Institute offers a variety of contact classes for its students. The Cracking Chinese (Basic I) course serves as an entry point for its other courses. Currently, the courses offered by the institute are:

1. Cracking Chinese (Basic I) – 8 weeks duration
2. Basic II – 8 weeks duration
3. Business Chinese – 6 weeks duration

The contact classes are small and focused on practical conversational training. The classes are focused on enabling students to comprehend and speak in as little as 2 months. The class sizes are small and ensures student participation.

Typically, the conversational training works as follows:

First, the student says a word, phrase, or sentence in English; next, the Chinese teacher says the corresponding word, phrase, or sentence in Chinese; the student listens, and then, during a specified pause, the student repeats aloud, in Chinese, what he/she just heard. Then the Chinese teacher repeats the correct answer as verification or correction.

As the lesson proceeds, words, phrases, and sentences are repeated at key intervals to gradually instill them into the students’ long-term memory. Soon, as the Chinese teacher asks questions, the students will have learned the appropriate responses. The key is that speaking aloud by the students is absolutely vital to the process.

For details please visit their site: The Chinese Language Institute

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